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8:45 am // Doors Open

9:00 am // Badge Pickup

9:00 am // Game Tables Open for Play

10:00 am // Demos Begin

12:00 pm // Scythe Tournament Begins

9:30 pm // 30 Minute Wrap-up

10:00 pm // Event End


2019 DEMO


Sit down for a guided play-through of the most popular tabletop games of 2018-2019. Festival badge holders will be emailed an exclusive registration link starting Friday, March 15th at noon.


To purchase a festival badge click here:


-Western Legends @ 10am
-Brass Lancashire @ 10am
-Wingspan @ 10am
-Crusaders: Thy Will be Done @ 2pm
-Dinosaur Island @ 2pm
-Root @ 2pm
-Super Motherload @ 2pm
-AuZtralia @ 2pm
-Captains of the Gulf @ 6pm
-Rajas on the Ganges @ 6pm
-Endeavor: Age of Sail 6pm
-Coimbra @ 6pm


>>Each attendee may only register for a total of (2) demos.

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