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The SoBo Board Game League is put on by the Southern Board Game Festival and Jet Coffee. The League will hold competitions once a month in the leadup to the Festival. 


On the first Friday of each month from March through August 2023, Jet Coffee (on Camino Real off of Johnston St.) will have an officially sanctioned game of the night. Each player may participate in ONE sanctioned play of the game of the night (moderated by SoBo), and will receive League Points based on their placement in said game.

Over the course of 6 months of play, the players who receive the highest sum total of aggregated League Points will be invited to play in the finals on September 1, 2023. Based on the placement in the finals, prizes will be awarded by Jet Coffee, including 2-day passes to the Southern Board Game Festival 2023.

  1. The specific game selection, official point tally, and moderation of individual game rules all fall on representatives of the Southern Board Game Festival. At the end of the day, Festival Representatives have the final say in any issues which may arise. Judgment of said representatives supersedes all other rules. 

  2. Any game-rule uncertainty will be first decided by the official rulebook, including any errata issued by the designer/publisher of the game. Failing this, the disputed ruling will fall to the on-site moderator.

  3. Each player may participate in one sanctioned game per night. If a player must leave the site for any reason, their seat is forfeited, and that individual will earn 0 League Points for the game. 

  4. No sanctioned game can be joined after the beginning of the first turn of play. Moderators may grant an additional seat during the setup/rules explanation of a game. 

  5. There is to be no collusion between players. Each individual is expected to play each League Game in a way that, to the best of that player’s ability, will maximize their chance of winning. If moderators suspect players of colluding, “throwing”, “boosting” another player, or kingmaking in a way that is detrimental to their own score, then moderators may immediately disqualify any offending players from receiving any points from the game, or the entire season, at the moderators’ discretion.

  6. Seats will be first come first served. In the event that there are not enough players for a tenable match between people who have not yet played their sanctioned game, substitute players (such as festival representatives or people who have already played that day) may participate, but these players cannot receive any League Points. 

  7. Each First Place finish in a given game will award 7 League Points to the winning player. Second Place is worth 5, Third Place is worth 3, and all participation will award 1 point. If a game is still tied after the application of that game’s specific tiebreak rules, then tied players will share the highest available placing, and both players will be awarded full points for that placing. 

    1. Example: If two players tie for second place in a game, each of the tied players will receive 5 league points, and no player would occupy the third place position, leaving all the lower scoring players with 1 participation point. 

  8. The sanctioned matches can begin as soon as the requisite player count for said game is met (earliest is 5:30 PM). Sanctioned matches will run continuously until the cutoff time each night (9:15 PM). No sanctioned matches can begin after the cutoff time. 

  9. After each sanctioned game, each participant must report their scores to the on-site Festival Representative, and confirm the scores of each other player in said game. Any discrepancies in this reporting will be resolved by the moderator of said game.  Once the Festival Representative records these confirmed scores, they may not be changed or altered in any way. 

    1. If a participant fails to report their score to the Representative, that player may be awarded 0 League Points for the game, dependent upon the judgment of the moderator and Festival Representative.

  10.  Each player must provide their name and phone number for record keeping purposes (and to contact you when you win a prize!). No player is to assume the name of another to accrue points for that player. If an individual gives two separate names during two separate events, the League Points for these two entries may not be added together. 

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